Eric Abraham|World Famous Artist|Porcelain, Drawings, Sculpture

Eric Abraham passed into Spirit last Saturday, September 7th, 2013.

Far too soon, we say goodbye, Eric.

Please read more to find a way to join in and share your feelings, thoughts and triubtes to an artist who still had many more works to make.

The Grassroots Art Center will host a Celebration of Life for Eric Abraham in Lucas starting at 2PM on Sunday, October 6th at the Bowl Plaza. All are encouraged to bring lawn chairs, dress casually, and enjoy the ice cream. Those who wish to share photos of Eric for a montage that will be shown that day can email them to the Lucas Chamber at Visit the Grassroot Arts Center on Facebook for further updates!

To see more of Eric's work, and return to the way this website was before Eric's surprising death, please visit Eric Abraham . net

Eric Abraham Takes his Funtastic Spirit To Another Level

Eric Abraham, of Lucas Kansas, passed into Spirit last Saturday, September 7th, 2013. He was born in Harlem, N.Y. on November 27th, 1936, to parents who were creative, human (participants in the WPA) and inspiration to his artwork.

After his honorable discharge from U.S. Airforce Intelligence, he went on to obtain his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting from the Kansas City Art Institute. He married Judy Love in 1963. They both went on to study at the University of Nebraska, where he earned a Master of Fine Art degree in Ceramics.

He taught ceramics at K-State in the early '70s, and after he and Judy divorced in 1974, went on to teach at several other universities. Eric was an instructor at SummerVail Art Workshops for 12 years and has, over the years, continued to teach workshops and served as Artist in Resident for many different communities throughout the Midwest. He particularly delighted in teaching children, as they have an imagination that is as limitless as Eric's!

Eric settled in Denver for 16 years, falling in love with Ruth DeOreo who has been his partner for 31 years, until his time of passing. He maintained his ceramics studio in Denver until 1999, at which time he moved it to Wabaunsee, Kansas. In 2004, he relocated to Lucas, Kansas, to realize his dream of opening The Flying Pig Studio and Gallery. The gallery was opened, was a place to find Eric for his many International friends, and added to the sucess of Lucas as a creative center. From the early '70s until present time, Eric showed his work at six to seven art fairs and festivals per year, never retiring. And he continued to make work and show work that was museum quality.

His fantastic works of art are currently on display at the Strecker Nelson Art Gallery in Manhattan, Ks, as well as the Courtyard Gallery in Lindsborg, Ks.

Eric is survived by his life partner, Ruth DeOreo, his friend and former wife, Judy Love, children, Mercedes Abraham, Francis and Toni DeOreo, Marco DeOreo and Cynthia Redecker and grandchildren, Praxis Lewarchick, Ricki and Jessi DeOreo and Tanaquil DiIoreo.

Donations may be made to the Kansas City Art Institute Student Scholarship Fund or the Grassroots Art Center in Lucas, Ks.

For more, like the full quality of Dave Leiker's beautiful photograph download Eric's Portrait (© Dave Leiker, Emporia, Kansas). Or, read the following news articles:, or, or the local radio news article "Whimsical Artist Dies Suddenly".

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